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Ultimate Surface Protection

Easy wash makes bike cleaning fast!

Dirt, grime and brake dust won’t adhere.

Added shine keeps your bike looking great.

Protect your bike with a hard durable coating.

Fortress Ultimate Surface Protection is a super hard ceramic coating.

Originally developed, rigorously tested and certified in Australia for commercial use in some of the harshest conditions in the world it is now available directly to customers.

Environment Friendly
Recyclable.Biodegradable.Sustainable.Zero Waste.

Designed and assembled in the UK.

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Recyclable, Zero Waste Compostable Packaging.
Biodegradable. Carbon Neutral.
Sustainably Sourced. Low Carbon Footprint.
Our bamboo cloths do less damage to the environment than microfibre cloth.

Fortress Ceramic Coating is tested and certified at 9H hardness, the highest level achievable, preventing scuffs and minor scratches.

Fortress Ceramic Coating protects against oxidation, damp uv and atmospheric pollution which prevents fading and paint damage.

Fortress Ceramic Coating creates a super slick surface layer of hard glass which prevents road dirt, grime and break dust sticking to it. This makes cleaning simple and quick with no need for chemicals or solvents.

Fortress Ceramic Coating adds permanent lustre and shine to your bike keeping it looking brand new.

Fortress Ultimate Surface Protection – Bike Kit


Our Bike Kit provides the best value:


1 x Instructions card
100ml Total Clean
20ml 9H Ceramic coating liquid
2 x Bamboo cleaning and buffing cloths 1 x Bamboo applicator pad
2 x Compostable protective gloves

How to apply Fortress Ceramic protection


What is ceramic coating for bikes?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the surface of your bike, creating a clear protective layer. It helps to prevent scratches and scuffs, UV damage, and corrosion. Due to the superhydrophobic characteristics it is easy to clean and stays looking brand new.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating your bike?

Ceramic coating offers several advantages, such as providing a hard, protective barrier against dirt, grime and UV degradation. It also enhances the longevity of your bikes paint work and makes it easy to clean with no need for polluting solvents. Your bike will stay looking brand new.

How long does ceramic coat last on bike?

Generally, a well applied coating with regular maintenance should last for up to 2 years and possibly longer. New layers can be applied over original coating at any time to extend the benefits.

How do I prepare my bike for ceramic coating?

Proper preparation is crucial for a successful ceramic coating application. Start by thoroughly cleaning your bike to remove all dirt, grease and contaminants. After drying use Fortress Total Clean to decontaminate surface and remove any embedded impurities. Then the bike is ready to coat.

How should I maintain my ceramic coated bike?

After use simply wash down and dry using soft cloth. We provide Fortress Bamboo cloths as they don’t contain any micro plastics like micro fibre cloths do. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, solvents or brushes that could potentially damage the coating.

Can I apply ceramic coating for all bike surfaces?

Yes, the coating bonds to any surface applied to, including gear set, derailleurs and cranks etc. Avoid rims of wheels if using rubber brake pads as the slippy surface may reduce effectiveness of brakes.

How many bikes will 20ml of Fortress ceramic coating cover?

A little goes a long way. There should be enough for 2-3 bikes.

How long until I can use my bike after coating?

The coating will need 24 hours to cure so avoid riding in this period. We recommend not washing the bike for another 7 days to make sure the bonding process is complete.

Can I remove the coating?

The coating is designed to be hard wearing and long lasting. In the unlikely event of wanting to remove the coat we suggest using a professional detailer who will use specialist techniques to remove without damaging the bikes surface.